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For years, wood fencing has been the leading choice for economical fencing. It is the most cost effective privacy fence available. US Fence uses high quality wood boards that are harvested from the largest renewable source of wood products in the United States.We carry only wood products from sustainable and/or certified forests.

Wood fence is the best fence on market for privacy, it’s known for it ability to provide privacy and security to any application. You can choose from a number of different styles and post sizes, and is available to Cedar or Pressure Treated lumber.


Wood fence offers consumers variety and privacy. Wood fence have been preferred for decades to define property lines, enclose children and pets, and as well offers privacy for you and family.

All types of fence designs.Your design or ours.No problem for US Fence.

Staining/painting by US Fence crews available.

Benefits of a Wood Fence

• Offers the most privacy, compared to other types
• Wood also offers Durability, Security, and beauty
• It come in a numerous styles to suit your needs and purpose
• Available in cedar and pressure treated with many different heights and


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This product combines strength and durability with rust free qualities. All of the fencing is finished with TGIC polyester powder coating. Little or no maintenance is required for the fencing. The fence enhances any landscaping while creating a safety barrier. Custom styles can be designed to match the architecture of your project.

Powder-coated finish allows for minimal maintenance and in turn, proves to be a very wise investment.


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Modular Iron fences are relatively new to the market, imitating traditional iron built by black smiths and iron workers, but with added key features that surpass the previous generation.

Modular iron fences are affordable and come in numerous styles, heights and colours. Panels are prefabricated and attached to post with brackets (no welding).

How it's built

Made from a cold rolled steel tube with a protective coating called Galvalume. The fence panel is welded together and then a polyester powder coating is applied, so every area of the fence panel is consistently covered, leaving no areas exposed to prevent from rusting.


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A long lasting, aesthetically pleasing product with excellent warranty and cost properties. Vinyl fence is manufactured with state of the art co-extrusion technology so it outlasts and outperforms most other types of fencing. Engineered to be both impact and weather resistant, vinyl fence is guaranteed never to chip, peel, blister, rot or rust, saving the expense of painting and repainting.

Vinyl offers different styles, be it privacy, picket, or Ranch Rail. It comes in different colors and is very economical when compared to masonry wall. No worries with the fence as it ages. Simply hose it down occasionally and it will continue to look "Brand New".
  • Maintenance Free (Put away your paint brush!)
    • No warping or splitting
    • No problems with rust or corrosion
    • Vinyl will not  chip, fade, crack, or rot
  • Select Styles - Ranch, Picket, or Privacy
  • Select Colors - White, Tan, or Gray
  • Manufacturer's Lifetime Warranty
  • Increase Property Value with a high-quality fence
  • Aluminum-reinforced Gates for Greater Durability


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Chain link fence is the economical fence available on the market, it’s know for it strength and durability. You can choose from a number of different diamond sizes, wire gauge thickness and types of frame.

It is also offered in a variety of different colours to best suit the application it is being used for. The wire and frame are both available in Black, Brown, Green, White and Galvanized


Chain-link fence offers consumers more variety and value then ever before. Chain link have been preferred for decades to define property lines, enclose children and pets, as well as protect and add value to your property. It also enhances your landscape with a fence that blends naturally with trees and shrubs.

Benefits of a Chain Link Fence

• Is the most affordable fence, compared to other types
• Chain link offers Durability, and Security
• It come in a numerous colours to match existing landscape and buildings
• Available in various types of sizes, heights, and thickness
• Can be applied to a variety of applications such as pool enclosures, property
  lines, baseball backstops and storage compounds.